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Dildo Fuck is a set of photos that is too hot to handle. While the sexy sorority girls are clad in pretty dresses and posh accessories, their pledges are all naked before them. The sorority sisters gather around a table which is covered in purple velvet sheet with gold sorority initials. Three naked brown-haired pledges are on the table, ready to perform as they are ordered. This photo shows us the babe on the far end of the table on her hands and knees, eating the pussy of the pledge in the middle. The chick in the middle is ramming a nude coloured dildo into the cunt of the pledge nearest us. Looks like this is going to be so much fun.

Lesbian Threesome

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Lesbian Threesome is one of those sorority tests of obedience and submission. Three pledges: two brunettes and one blonde are ordered to give a three-way show in front of the sorority girls and some frat boys. It was a test that was supposed to be humiliating for the pledges and enjoyable for their audience but the three naked babes ended up having a grand orgasmic time together. Sprawled on the cold marble floor, the blonde babe gets straddled and fondled by the brunette with glasses while the other brown-haired pledge licks and sucks at her pink nipples. This threesome has definitely turned up the heat in that room.

Huge Dildos

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Huge Dildos is a hazing video of three brunette pledges. The sorority sisters take their pledges to a room that looks like a cabin or a sauna. They gather around a wooden bench and order their young recruits to fuck themselves using the huge dildos on the benches. They watch as the pledges lower themselves down the toys and get pussies filled with huge hard dildos. The pledge in the middle seem to be feeling pain having her cunt destroyed like that while the other two seem to be focused to get the task done. These girls are sure willing to do anything to get in the sorority.

3 Way Pussy Eating

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3 Way Pussy Eating shows us that sorority hazing does not stop even during night time. These three brunette pledges are taken outdoors and ordered to strip and eat each other on top of a table with a blue cover. It seems the pledges have been turned on by the many sexual acts they have been asked to do in the past days that they are already all too horny and eager to do this one. The babe on the left is biting her lower lip and squeezing her breasts as the pledge in the middle laps at her shaven twat. The chick on the right flicks her hair away so she can focus on eating the pussy before her.

Lesbian Orgy

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Lesbian Orgy gives us three blondes and one brunette in a room with orange walls and orange drapes. The blondes are naked while the brunette with glasses is dressed in a white tank top and red cardigan. The brunette and the blonde at the right are both wearing black strap-on cocks. The two blondes in the middle are licking and kissing each other’s bodies while their wet cunts are being fucked by the strap-ons. Haze Her Lesbian Orgy gives us an idea of how wild these sorority girls can really get. Who wouldn’t get wild with girls like these around, right?

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Young Hot Girls shows us that the hazing and sorority challenges can be brutal and picks no time of day or place. The sorority girls take their pledges outdoors and in broad daylight. The beautiful and hot young girls are not just in for a surprise but for massive humiliation as they are told to strip naked on an alley and given further instructions. The four blondes and one brunette all have sexy bodies and pretty faces. Watch what happens when they follow through as they are told. The sorority gives have prepared something special so come see them.

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Hot Girls are college students who are not used to being subjected to embarrassing situations such as stripping and forcing them to do sexual acts against their will. Well, because they badly want to get into the sorority, these pledges will do anything. The sorority girls get the pledges into the sorority house and have them strip naked. They gather around as the hot young pledges have their faces pushed in between legs and their tongues into awaiting cunts. These sorority girls can be brutal and they will not stop until they are happy with the performance that they see.

Lesbian Sorority

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Lesbian Sorority gives us a sample photo showing two pledges lip-locking and touching each other’s bare breasts while other pledges watch. The sorority girl dressed in a pink tank top and white shorts points at the hot lesbian pair and asks the other pledges to watch intently because they will be doing it next. Well it seems that the two girls kissing do not mind being watched and they actually like it. Something tells us these two will go beyond instructions and give us a good show. You just have to see it too, so stay here.

Oil Wrestle

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Oil Wrestle makes pledges and sorority girls go wet and wild. For us, this is a genius idea! It is not every day that we see naked women oiled up and getting their hands on each other for a chance to win something. Five pledges are naked and slick with oil right before our eyes. They all have long hair, perky tits, shaven pussies, nice asses and pretty faces. We have three brunettes and two blondes ready to battle it out in one sexy situation that will surely make your temperature rise. Watch them get it on right here.

Pussy Inspection

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Pussy Inspection is probably a standard procedure for sorority girls. After all, babes from sororities have to live up to the expectations of perfect bitches so their cunts have to be awesome too. This sample photo presents us with pledges who are naked with their arms up, bodies bent and asses sticking in front of the sorority masters. The sisters inspect the pledges one by one and mark them with red body crayons. The thing is, these full pussy inspections are bound to get the pledges and the sorority girls turned on with all the touching and poking. Wet cunts are in the horizon, guys!